WoWEXP’s avant-garde in bringing images to life

Have you ever imagined how amazing it would be to see every object in its 3D model? Binge Shopping or e-shopping in Amazon.com or ordering food in Zomato?

The imagination is limitless and the curiosity knows no bounds. The fact that online media is going to be 3D, starting with e-tailing is not unknown to anyone of us.

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At first glance, the emerging tech combined with artificial intelligence might seem unlikely bedfellows. But in reality, the two are converging in fascinating ways to drive new innovative trends. Today, it’s all about leveraging and infusing AI and 3D with the spirits industry to seize what many brands are currently chasing; transformation and dominance within the experience economy.

Where and how can a merchant get those multi-dimensional content?

Combining 2-D pictures with physical objects is not a cup of tea. There is a lot of creativity and modeling inside there….But Wait!!!!! At WoWEXP. AI, they are marrying artificial intelligence with computational geometry to create high-quality 3-D models.

This benefits who and how? The most obvious answer is anyone who wishes to convert 3D models from 2D photos at a third of the cost and a fraction of the time are the kings.

Scanning results in higher quality, but it is not faster or less expensive than graphics solutions. Also down-sampling a high-poly model from the scanner to a low-poly model suitable for XR is not trivial. The other problem is that many e-commerce sites simply don’t have the physical object at hand.

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“We vision to reduce human effort and still benefit more disrupting a number of industries and, therefore, a huge source of creation,” says Founder & CEO Navin Manaswi from WoWEXP.ai. The company’s vision is not limited to the products that line retail shelves rather everything which can potentially be blended from 2D to 3D. We still in the MVP stage however the final prototype would be released soon.

“Our goal is to always connect and engage with our customers because no matter what, we’re in the experience business,” continues Navin.

Sanja Fidler, Nvidia’s director of AI and coauthor on the team’s paper, told Venture Beat’s Khari Johnson:

Imagine you can just take a photo and outcomes a 3D model, which means that you can now look at that scene that you have taken a picture of [from] all sorts of different viewpoints. You can go inside it potentially, view it from different angles — you can take old photographs in your photo collection and turn them into a 3D scene and inspect them like you were there, basically.[Source: https://blogs.nvidia.com/blog/2019/12/09/neurips-research-3d/ ]

Product Manager @GreytHR | Ex @Lenskart, @Launchpad @Zivame | Check my website (www.houseofideali.com) to explore and learn from my other interests.

Product Manager @GreytHR | Ex @Lenskart, @Launchpad @Zivame | Check my website (www.houseofideali.com) to explore and learn from my other interests.