I recently shared a chat room with few of my peers in the Product Management Community in Clubhouse. One of the most unanimous concerns revolved around product stickiness.

Most Product Manager’s dream state is to create a product that has high customer stickiness & which can attract users back to the product. This can be accomplished by creating a product which fulfils real human needs and is deep-rooted to human pain points.

A couple of months back I was conducting a Product Design Workshop for a client of mine and briefing her on the procedure that would be undertaken. She asked me this,

“So, this is basically Design Thinking, right?”


There has been genuine confusion and not everyone in tech works using sprints, but almost all of them will know what they entail. Being a Product Manager for the last few years, I’ve led many initiatives and the most crucial part of their initiation. Having worked for different types of firms, the amount of effort that goes into Brainstorming, Meetings, Research, Resources…

In the last couple of years, the design community has been writing, talking, and thinking about a lot of trends especially in the deep-tech paradigm that has completely shaken the grounds of how apps were developed to address user’s challenges. It has changed the way we do our chores, make our plans, and invest our money. Now, as it has become clear that a distinguished UX Design of a product could truly be a differentiator for a digital product, it’s time to explore how UX Design Principles could play a pioneering role in defining Product Roadmap.

How to become a crowned Product Manager for AI products?

Being an AI Product Manager I can definitely say it feels like having a feather on the cap. I receive a lot of DM’s from individuals who wish to transition their career as AI PM. As obvious it may sound and technically as well it includes other distinct technology like Machine Learning, NLP, Cognitive Computing name a few.

Why are most of the companies hiring PM with expertise in AI?

  1. AI is highly strategic in nature: Any AI effort will rely on three main building blocks: data, infrastructure, and talent.
  2. Succeeding with AI requires different technical toolbox from conventional software…

Design and Shop like a Pro: Navigating your Home View in AR

“Isn’t a game but a designer’s dream with the ability to create models?

It’s difficult to shop for furniture when you aren’t entirely sure if that beautiful, rather expensive, sectional cabinets will fit in your rather modest villa. The day-to-day life of 21st-century homeowners is different from that of our predecessors.

Imagine you recently purchased a new home. As excited you are for this new venture in your life, you are dreading the stressful process of designing an entire home from scratch.

Starting with a blank sketchbook can…


WoWEXP’s avant-garde in bringing images to life

Have you ever imagined how amazing it would be to see every object in its 3D model? Binge Shopping or e-shopping in Amazon.com or ordering food in Zomato?

The imagination is limitless and the curiosity knows no bounds. The fact that online media is going to be 3D, starting with e-tailing is not unknown to anyone of us.

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

At first glance, the emerging tech combined with artificial intelligence might seem unlikely bedfellows. But in reality, the two are converging in fascinating ways to drive new innovative trends. …

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