From Toy to Tool — Technologies Redefine How We Find, Live In & Interact with Our Homes

Design and Shop like a Pro: Navigating your Home View in AR

“Isn’t a game but a designer’s dream with the ability to create models?

It’s difficult to shop for furniture when you aren’t entirely sure if that beautiful, rather expensive, sectional cabinets will fit in your rather modest villa. The day-to-day life of 21st-century homeowners is different from that of our predecessors.

Imagine you recently purchased a new home. As excited you are for this new venture in your life, you are dreading the stressful process of designing an entire home from scratch.

Starting with a blank sketchbook can be exciting because you’re given the freedom to design your home exactly how you want it, but it can also be intimidating because there are so many ways things could go!

Your minds race with endless ideas and interior design styles of what your new house plans could become. Since you cannot visualize the finished product without actually bringing in furniture and decor, you decided on the necessary items first and built the designs around that.

Thanks to augmented reality technologies, the way we design for the home furnishings that fill them has been made much easier. When it comes to envisioning an empty or unsightly space as our future home during the home search and then styling our living spaces, we face many obstacles as it relates to visualizing living within the space and how it’ll be configured with furniture and home décor.

WoWDECOR is an easy-to-use tool that you can control from the palm of your hand. So, back to the sectional cabinet example mentioned above, you can now see it in a true-to-scale fashion right there in your own home!

After scanning the floor, you will get a list of products that you can place on the floor and visualize. Move the product around with your fingertips to its potential new home and take a picture to save for later. You can see it from every angle, move up close to see the texture, and decide with the utmost confidence to make the big purchase or keep browsing for a better fit from our extensive furniture library.

Given the task of decorating an entire home can be stressful and difficult with having to gather home interior design ideas for every room all at once. The WoWDECOR app can turn this stressful process into an enjoyable one by helping you design every room at your fingertips before approaching the real spaces in your home.

Product Manager @GreytHR | Ex @Lenskart, @Launchpad @Zivame | Check my website ( to explore and learn from my other interests.

Product Manager @GreytHR | Ex @Lenskart, @Launchpad @Zivame | Check my website ( to explore and learn from my other interests.